Located just 12 minutes (1.6 miles) from Hotel LYN Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Museum offers an extensive and comprehensive permanent collection that includes ancient Egyptian masterpieces, African art, European painting, decorative arts, period rooms, and contemporary art. The museum is also known for its intelligent, cutting-edge exhibitions and programs that reflect a fresh view on historical works. Family-friendly and fun for all, the Brooklyn Museum is a unique and different way to spend a few hours while visiting the city.

Known for its culture and love of the arts, no visit to Brooklyn would be complete without visiting the Brooklyn Museum. Featuring over 1.5 million works, the Brooklyn Museum was founded in 1895 and has antiques spanning over 3,000 years. Although it includes an international collection, the museum features a lot of American artists like Mark Rothko, Edward Hopper, Norman Rockwell, Winslow Homer, Edgar Degas, Georgia O’Keefe, and Max Weber. The museum also has a “Memorial Sculpture Garden,” which features salvaged architectural elements throughout NYC.

DETAILS - 1.6 miles from Hotel

Brooklyn Museum
Address: 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 718-638-5000