Designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service, the Brooklyn Bridge first opened in 1883 and at the time was the longest suspension bridge in the country. An NYC icon, the Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, spanning the East River. A stunning architectural structure, the bridge was originally called the “New York & Brooklyn Bridge” and then the “East River Bridge” before being officially renamed as the “Brooklyn Bridge.” Today, the bridge carries six lanes of vehicle traffic and is open to pedestrians and bicycles, but at one point it also carried elevated trains and streetcars. Grab a cup of java from a local vendor and enjoy a quintessential NYC experience by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. Hotel LYN Brooklyn, a hotel near Brooklyn Bridge, is only 2.3 miles away from the Brooklyn Bridge making access to and from Manhattan and New York City stress-free. No trip to New York and Brooklyn would be complete without visiting the Brooklyn Bridge.


  • 1. Notoriously corrupt head of New York City’s Tammany Hall political machine, William M. "Boss" Tweed helped funded the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • 2. At least 20 people died during the construction of the bridge. Although no official numbers exists, it is believed to be between 20-30 people.

  • 3. When it first opened there was a toll to cross the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge cost a penny to cross by foot, five cents for a horse and rider, and ten cents for a horse and wagon.

  • 4. At the time Brooklyn was not considered part of New York City and the bridge actually connected two different cities.

  • 5. Peregrine falcons, the fastest animals on record, regularly nest on the bridge.

  • 6 .At the time, the bridge connected two different cities. Brooklyn did not become part of New York City until 1898

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Brooklyn Bridge