One of the hippest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Park Slope, is teeming with activity and has some of the best bars, shops, and restaurants around. Bustling with young and hip residents, Park Slope has long been a bastion of the intelligentsia. A mainstay for thoughtful creatives and business-minded entrepreneurs alike, Park Slope, is a unique and diverse community that offers something for nearly everyone. Visitors can stroll through Park Slope’s Historic District, which is lined with fine Romanesque Revival and Queen Anne residences, then do some shopping along NY’s other 5th Avenue, which is home to several in-the-now restaurants, gotta-have-it shops, and a casual laid back nightlife that appeals to straight and gay crowds.

Immerse yourself in the urban vibe of the area and be sure to hit up a local eatery or independent cafe. Park Slope’s prime location makes it a very desirable neighborhood as it’s near Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and the Central Library. Aside from the culture and nightlife of Park Slope, it’s worth a trip if just for it’s spectacular views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the iconic NYC skyline. Park Slope is an easy 15-minute walk from our Brooklyn hotel.